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Our Hotel Group accommodates and welcomes  the  four legged friends. For safety, hygiene and the understanding with all guestsof our hotels the following Terms & Conditions are applied.

• Pets allowed only with prior approval of the hotelier. The hoteliers approval will be in writing (Email) 
• The pet owner must agree in writing the acceptance of  the relevant Terms & Conditions. 
• Pets Allowed up to 8 kg weight and always with adult supervision and  walking belt. 
• The pet owners are responsible for cleaning any impurities. 
• Pets are not allowed to climb on furniture, beds, sofas, etc. Any damages will be reimbursed directly and undisputedly  to the hotelier. 
• Pets are not permitted in the pool area of the hotel.

• Pets are not allowed in closed-public areas of the hotel (eg, restaurant, gym, spa, etc.) 
• It should be freshly vaccinated for rabies and all other vaccinations. Must have a local flea repellent, tick and worming three (3) days prior to arrival. Should be healthy and not grimy. 
• Upon arrival at the hotel should be submitted to the  front office the respective booklet of Animal Health for photocopying.
• When checking out, the room should be clean of pet left overs. 
• The hotelier should know whether the pet is aggressive or recalcitrant in relation to the other pets (so he'll probably ask to wear a muzzle) 
• All of the above are the sole responsibility of the pet owner. The hotelier assumes no responsibility for illness or injury that humans or  pets may incur while they are on hotel premises.

Non-scrupulous respect of the aforementioned Terms & Conditions allows the hotelier to demand the removal of the pet from the hotel premises and in the event of early check out from  the room, the relevant cancellation and early departure terms will apply.


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