Terms & Conditions for Boat Tickets

The Free Ferry Tickets are granted only by our company, “Spyrou Skopelos Experience”.

  • The offer applies to the itineraries from / to the ports of Volos and Kimi.
  • The offer applies to the shipping companies “Blue Star Ferries” and “Skyros Shipping Co”  and for their published schedules, as long as they operate them.
  • The offer is valid for guests who are charged for their accommodation. Not applicable for children staying free in our hotels (please read children policy within your room confirmation correspondence), and for vehicles.
  • The offer applies to Ferry Tickets with conventional boats. Not applicable to Hydrofoils, Catamaran and speedboats in general.
  • The offer applies to direct bookings at our hotels or via the Online system of our website without the intervention of Tour Operators with whom there is no relevant contract. In any case you should contact our reservations department for clarifications. Please call to  +30 210 6919111


Discounted Ferry Tickets.

Regardless the number of overnight stay and the source of booking, we offer 20% Discount on any Ferry Ticket of “Blue Star Ferries” and “Skyros Shipping Co” , (passengers & vehicles, conventional and high speed boats), granted by “Spyrou Skopelos Experience”. The discount does not apply to vans and trucks.


Important Notes:

For any price difference between the printed Ferry Tickets and the actual payment, a relevant Official Receipt will be delivered upon checkout  from our hotel. All discounts and offers are calculated on the Official Price List of the shipping companies. Already reduced or discounted fares are not applicable for further discounts (eg. Children, Students, People with Disabilities, etc.) .

For Ferry  Tickets issuing a, at least, 7days notice is required. For any change or modification on your ferry tickets, a 72 hour notice is required. To the beneficiaries of  Free or Discounted Ferry Tickets we dispatch Unique Ticket Codes. The printed  tickets are obtained by demonstrating the Unique  Ticket Codes to the  authorized Tourist Office at the port of departure.



Some dates in high season (July – August) is likely an hyper-occupancy for vehicles in Ferry Boats and for passengers in High-Speed Boats. “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” is  likely to cancel and return the relevant pay offs to its clients  for the requested Ferry Tickets  if faced with the possibility of hyper-occupancy, from the Ferry Company, for vehicles and for  passengers. In such cases “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” holds no responsibility. The ordering and pay offs  of Ferry Tickets to “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” does not result automatic ticket issuing since the process requires about 4 days and involves the possibility of hyper-occupancy. For any ferry ticket issuing, full payment is required. In case of route cancellation or modification or delay in sailing (due to weather conditions, technical problems, force majeure, etc.), passengers (who have already received their ticket codes)  ought to communicate directly with the shipping company without the mediation of “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” which holds no responsibility. “Blue Star Ferries” Tel:(+30) 210 8919800 –  “Skyros Shipping Co”  Tel:(+30) 22220 92164 or 91789. In case the passengers miss a ferry boat or boat connection, “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” assumes no responsibility and no refund is provided. When requesting the Free Ferry Tickets or the Discounted Ferry Tickets from us, please first have decided port, shipping company, type of boat and itineraries. In any case, please complete and submit the Boat Ticketing Form.

We offer to our guests free information on ferry schedules, ticketing and complete organization of their trip! Our office hours (summer) for ferry tickets: Daily 09.00-17.00 Tel. +30 210 6919111

Enjoy your holidays in Skopelos !!!